What is Polkabank?

At Polkadot Consultants Ltd, we like to keep things simple but highly effective, which is why we and our partners offer a recruitment service that comes with PolkabankTM – a development fund that you, the client, can use to get access to professional learning events.

This applies when you use us to recruit for you; or when you recruit with our partner organisation.

It really is that simple, you gain points and you can then send any of your employees, or your good self on one of the courses available in your area.

NMC Practitioners

If you are a nurse these courses can count as part of your CPD record for re-evaluation. Contact us if you need more information on this.

Polkabank Fund FAQ

How does having the fund benefit the organisation?

Increased soft skills ability in your organisation affect a multitude of issues, including:

  • Increased retention
  • Better work relationships
  • More efficient folk save time and money
  • Collaboration that focuses on solutions not problems
  • Fewer people problems – the one we all hate

What are the hidden costs?

For the courses, none. The following however, are not covered:

  • Delegate expenses of any kind, excluding lunch and refreshments where applicable
  • The cost of any translation requirements verbal or written (price on application)
  • Any copy requested of any documentation (excluding and over and above provided handouts) is charged at £30:00 flat rate, electronic copies of course materials are not available.
  • Meetings, bespoke activities to your specific need (contact us if you have this need)

When can we use the points, before or after recruiting?

You get the points as soon as your new employee starts work. You can then use the points for one of our regular learning events.

It is important to note that the events are on a first come first served basis so book early.

How do we use the points?

Simply book on the events page.

Points last for six months and are then void.

However, once you have booked on a course using those points they are then guaranteed until the course date.

What if I cancel my place on the course?

If you cancel the place on the course at anytime, the points are lost due to non-attendance.

However, you can replace someone on any course up to the day of the course with no penalty.

What experience do your L & D Consultants have?

All our L & D Professionals have years of experience across public, private and voluntary sectors.

They are experts in the fields of Recruitment and Learning and Development in a range of skills including nursing, retail, leadership,management, IT and a host of other arenas.

Do we have to pay anything?

Generally not to us, with one possible exception, that being if you wish to hold the course at your own location in which case you would be responsible for any costs that incurs and expenses related to the L & D professionals which is on a per location basis. Please contact us to discuss this.

What courses are available to us?

Utilising the development fund available you or any of your employees (not just recruited by us or our partner) can attend one of our scheduled training days/workshops such as.

  • Interviewing to get the right folk
  • Personal Effectiveness in the workplace
  • Getting people engaged
  • Communicating so it matters
  • Making meetings count
  • Taking minutes (including an overview of Word 2013)
  • Dealing with those difficult conversations so everyone wins
  • Report writing for Managers
  • Getting the most from Word (2013 and above)
  • Excel for beginners (2013 and above)
  • Excel advanced skills (2013 and above)
  • PowerPoint – Uses and abuses (2013 and above)
  • Getting to grips with Windows 10

Courses are scheduled according to our clients needs and wishes and on a first come first served basis.

Anything else we should know?

  1. A day is 6 hours – usually 9:30am to 4:00pm with 30 minutes for lunch
  2. All courses are generally for a maximum of 12 attendees
  3. Handouts are charged at £25 per person
  4. The development fund cannot be used for:
    1. Any statutory Training (H & S, First Aid, COSHH, manual handling etc) or technical training of any kind
    2. Internal systems/process training
    3. Bespoke learning packages

Contact us if you have further questions