Transphobia rife among UK employers as 1 in 3 won’t hire a transgender person

Despite the hyperbole of the title, the good news is that 2 out of 3 employers in the UK would employ a Trans* person, the bad news being that 1 in 3 would not.

A shocking new report reveals a strong prejudice among UK employers towards transgender workers with 1 in 3 employers admitting they are “less likely” to hire a transgender person and nearly half (43%) unsure if they would recruit a transgender person.

This frankly beggars belief, and the doom and gloom continues…

77% of employers polled were wrong when asked which transgender characteristics are protected against discrimination.

You would have thought that the message would have sink in by now and thankfully for most it has, but one in three is pretty startling.

The survey identified the retail sector as having the highest number (47%) of businesses unlikely to employ a transgender person, followed by IT (45%), leisure and hospitality (35%) and manufacturing (34%). The financial services industry is most open to the idea of hiring transgender workers but with only a third (34%) agreeable to the idea, along with the legal sector (33%) and construction and engineering (25%).Just 3% of the 1,000 employers polled from a cross-section of industries, have an equal opportunities policy that openly welcomes transgender people to apply for jobs, and out of the third of employers that would consider hiring a transgender person, just 8% think they should have the same rights to be hired for a job as everyone else. Few feel their workplace is liberal enough to tolerate transgender workers, with only 4% declaring their workplace culture diverse enough for transgender people to ‘fit in’.

Retail and Hospitality so high is extraordinary, Trans* people are customers as well as employees and a more diverse workforce is a better one.

Hundreds of people have now attended our trans* awareness seminar, and we have had nothing but positive and fruitful interaction in that regard.

So what is happening with the 1 in 3?

In all our dealings with folk in business, in organisations of all types, we have rarely seen anything that shows that people are wilfully, nasty or unkind.

Of course exceptions exist, you know who you are!

But in general, it is errors, or misunderstanding that holds people back.

It is possible that business is unaware that the issue of gender is going to affect them, and it would be sad that it would take what happened to Primark for them to wake up, £47,000 is not peanuts.


The article is here.

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