Sales Consultancy and Learning

Sell, sell, and sell. If you know of another way to make money in business then do us all a favour and tell us! A sale is the lifeblood of any organisation, and the simple fact is that without a sales success we simply do not have a business.

Polkadot Consultants recognises the changing face of selling in the current market. A multiplicity of avenues now exists with the advent of social media and that is important. However, we believe that it is vital to remember the roots of selling; a skill that relies on excelling at human communication that has remained that way for years.

History of Selling

A chap walks up to a woman. She is lounging under a tree, obviously taking great pleasure in the fruit she nibbles at provocatively. “You won”t believe how good this tastes,” she smiles, and wipes a succulent dribble from her chin, offering the piece of fruit to him.

“Yeah, but is that not bad?” the chap looks about uncertainly.

“How could anything this good be bad?” She winks at him. “Go on, try it. Just one bite and you”ll see what I mean.”

“But, I don”t know if I should”

“What will happen?” he says with great unease.

“Come on. Trust me. I would never steer you wrong. Try it. You”ll see,” she replies enthusiastically.

The chap is intrigued. The fruit is delightfully red, sounds crispy every time she bites into it, and if her reactions are any indication, the thing must be great.

“Oh, all right.” He lounges beside her, reaches for the fruit and sinks his teeth into it. She made the pitch, he bought it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A simple tale no doubt, but this scenario in plays out across the globe every day. Whether through emotion, logic or simple necessity someone somewhere has something someone else will buy.

In order to be a success at the art of business, which is what sales actually is about, we have to keep a firm eye on what is important.

  • Increasing Income
  • Decreasing Loss
  • Gaining, maintaining and retaining those who buy from us
  • Providing a consistent and good service that make customers want to talk about their experience
  • Being utterly smug when we get it right

Polkadot Consultants can help you achieve and exceed your business sales goals so give us a call.