Resilience Training changes business owners mindsets

Resilience Training Changes Business Owners’ Mindsets

Meet Will. Will is like you. He felt that while he had built a successful business from scratch, he wanted to be even more effective so he could survive in today’s ever changing and uncertain climate. Will is the MD of Manchester recruitment agency Selection Recruitment and recently attended “The Winning Mindset for an Eternal Upgrade.” The difference it’s made day to day in how effectively he runs his business is phenomenal, as Will explains –

“The seminar gave me perspectives I hadn’t considered before as an MD and I found the topics discussed useful in not just how I grow my business in the age of digital but also in how I deal with my employees and clients.  It is challenging, and realistic, has little time for the usual nonsense I encounter on a day to day basis.”

You might not like the idea of being challenged, but that’s the point, if you’re not challenged, then you won’t improve. As Will says, “It was the challenging bits that particularly influenced my activities on my return to work.” He quickly started to benefit from these influences –

“My interactions with clients have become far more fruitful and I am very conscious of how my staff are improving in the communication aspect of the business.  Bring on the next one!”

As another of our recent attendees, Peter, says, “it’s the most invigorating and challenging seminars I have attended, funny, aggravating and informative in equal measures, but my ability in communicating with clients has improved greatly and I am getting more done. Tell the boss next time I am in Manchester the cocktails are on me!”

So, if you too have little time for nonsense and think that you and your business would benefit from the skills that Will and Peter have learnt, follow the link below to find out more about “The Winning Mindset for an Eternal Upgrade.”

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