Reflecting on Transfer – A Journey

Some personal reflection from our MD Barry Wall.

Sometimes it is just a nice exercise, to learn from  and recognise how far you have come on a particular project

To just look back.

I recommend it highly, you have a go!

I was asked to do this historical summation for a prospective VOP (Vanguard Organisation Partner) and in doing so illuminated to myself just how much the team has achieved so far, as well as the mistakes, pitfalls and challenges.

It has been two years, and a tough two years at that, but now aver 200 people have attended our seminar, people from all walks of life.

But I took some comfort and a small amount of allowed smugness from looking at the trail Polkadot Consultants Ltd has left over the period since we began this project.

We have had many failures along the way, some successes, and some glorious occurences, and the work is still only in the early days.

None of this would have happened without the support of a community, people and organisations, particularly VOP partners.

You all know who you are and we are eternally grateful.

For the future, exciting things happening.

  • In talks with a major UK police force
  • Expansion of the programme with Seminars that now address
    • Gender
    • Sexuality
    • EDI and Leadership – How the two are inseperable
  • A five year European bid placed that will make sure the project has a future

If you would like to see our Journey, then feel free, or, why not take your own, it has been an exercise well worth doing, and one you will surely benefit from.

Most importantly – Never give up, you cannot stop an idea who’s time has come.

  1. Take a look at the product page first here.
  2. Secondly, a podcast from the embryonic days, complete with building work noise (☹) is here.
  3. We then have the blog about University of Manchester becoming involved
  4. Primark, this is the first major case that went public as they fought it all the way.
  5. The blog about the rise up the Stonewall top 100 of UOM, our first major achievement.
  6. Our next big milestone is a recent occurrence and is the link up with Escalla to offer Transfer and related seminars to 90 local councils across the UK.
  7. We then have a recent interview with me (start at 1:10) on YourMcr with the Duchess of Canal Street, Belinda Scandal at the launch of the Bees. I also get assaulted by a wasp😊.
  8. This is the sum up video of the two days in the peaks for the University of Sheffield PHD, it was fun as well as a positive learning experience.

As always, best to you all.

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