Making Money with Automation – What the Devil is SAP B1?

A blog from our client APH Solutions that gives a handy explanation of the benefits of the products they offer, as well as an explanation of what was to us, somewhat esotercic to begin with. Contact us to find out more about what we offer in the field of Organisational Development.        

Collaboration is Key

We are proud to announce that we will be collaborating with our  new Vanguard Organisational Partners on Transfer – A Journey –  learning seminars with the University of Manchester. “This collaboration marks an important time for Polkadot Consultants, and we are looking forward to the successes and challenges this will bring moving forward” Barry Wall […]

It Couldn’t Happen to Me, or Could it…

Imagine a legal demand for £20,000 dropped on your desktop out of the blue, you would either struggle to pay it, or simply not want to pay it. That’s most of us right? Wrong, that is all of us, as employers, providers of services and individuals, you, and others like you, are at risk now. […]

Transfer – A Journey

Join us on our Seminar in Manchester at the one off price of £10:00. (EX VAT) Give our Genderbread Man some love and click to book on an event that promises to be interesting and informative as well as helping you undestand how getting this wrong can cost you dearly. Hurry, we only have limited […]

Resilience Training changes business owners mindsets

Resilience Training Changes Business Owners’ Mindsets

Meet Will. Will is like you. He felt that while he had built a successful business from scratch, he wanted to be even more effective so he could survive in today’s ever changing and uncertain climate. Will is the MD of Manchester recruitment agency Selection Recruitment and recently attended “The Winning Mindset for an Eternal Upgrade.” [...]
Eradicate interruptions from your work life

Eradicate interruptions in your work life forever!

So, you’ve read our cheat sheet – Mindfulness on Steroids, how to cope with the daily stress of running a small business. Learn lots? Have you started using any of the tips, which have you found most useful? We thought we’d look at a couple of the tips in a bit more detail, and if […]

Urban Myth and Learning – Really Couldn’t Believe It!

Learning abounds with Myth, and if you are as fed up as we are with the quackery of everyday life in L & D then look no further than this brilliant book. Check out the article here. Contact us for a free audit of your learning at work, is it quackery?  

3 Ways of Looking – What Do You See?

Ted talks once again provides a thought provoking article that could help you think about your organisational development. Contact to find out how we can help you maximise success.

Confirmation Bias – How we can all be lying toads!

Brilliant and insightful article from down under that may give you pause for thought. How does this effect your business? Have your employees the resiliance to deal with this phenomena? Contact us today for information on learning that cuts to the heart of the matter.

Many a True Word Said in Jest…

  Does he have a point? Toby Young provides an interesting snippet on what actually appears to be a growing problem. It is humourous in tone but may hold some grains of truth as we are seeing more and more of this in everyday working life. Take our survey [yop_poll id=”8″]