Another Myth Exposed

Elizabeth Walters over at TED talks exposes another myth. This pervasive bit of nonsense is yet another example of how these mind worms can infect individual thinking and cause problems in the workplace. ” I am more left-sided than right, so am not good at this…” This, along with other nonsense such as the change […]

Apprenticeship Providers – Why Throw Money Away Like That

Want To Improve Your Profits – Read On Yes, would seem to be the answer, with an average retention rate of just 64.5% that’s one whack of money you are all losing as a result. (Source). At an average income of £6000 per apprentice, that’s a whopping £2,130 per apprentice that is being wasted, per […]

How to Lose £45,000 as an Apprentice Provider

The Disgraceful State of Completion Rates There is a Shark in our midst, and not just the disgraceful state of completion rates, but the apparent failure to tackle a subject we all moan about constantly. "What are we gonna do with the millennial generation?" This is felt most acutely by Apprentice Providers and Levy Organisations [...]

Resilience for Apprentices – Workshop Launch

Guest Blogger today is Barry Wall the course leader, and our MD! As course leader for the north, alongside Julie Price our southern leader, I am delighted to announce that our new workshop, specifically designed with apprentice providers in mind is now available. Resilience for Apprentices: A 3.5 hour workshop of challenging and thoughtful learning […]

CBI/Pearson Survey Highlights Risks to Employers in Learning Provision

A CBI/Pearson survey of 344 firms found that 32 percent were dissatisfied with graduates’ ‘attitudes and behaviours of self-management and resilience An interesting article over at the CBI, particular interest from the report includes the statement: “Quality of teaching, learning and careers inspiration defines the life chances of young people – it’s a shared challenge […]

Experiences of Trans* People in the Medical World

As part of our ongoing work with our Transfer – A Journey Seminar, we are delighted to have access to this interesting podcast from the British Medical Journal Talks Medicine series of articles. Hearing the testimony of Trans* people of the experiences they traverse from a medical perspective; is sobering as well as informative. For […]

IR35 Freelancers and Contractors are Still at Risk…?

So say Computer weekly on the 1st of July 2017. It appears that the confusion around this highly problematic area still abounds and so we took the test for a potential contract and it produces some interesting results. The right to substitution seems to be the biggest,if you do not have that in your contract […]

Transfer – A Journey: An Introductory Podcast

Our MD Barry Wall answers some of the questions you may have about Transfer – A Journey (For information about the Transfer – A Journey Seminar follow this link.) In this podcast of edited highlights our Managing Director Barry explains how Transfer – A Journey came about and answers a few simple questions on how […]

Beyond Equality with the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a Russell Group University. With almost 40,000 students and over 12000 employees, it boasts the largest student community in the UK. Polkadot Consultants today announces a collaborative project to deliver our seminar, Transfer – A Journey, to the faculty and support personnel at the prestigious University of Manchester. Ranked at […]