Five Delusions Holding Business Back

On the back of our previous series on avoiding ostrich syndrome, Dr Marc Stigter gets it spot on and every business should take note. As consultants we recognise this all to well in some of the businesses we have spoken to, the planning of growth or change alongside learning are too important to suffer from […]

The Dragon Speaketh

A one time dragon nails why soft skills are so important. From recruiting the right people to managing and leading them in a context that fits the cultural zeitgeist, these skills are vital to any modern business success. Recruiting often relies on the technical skills we need for success and skimps when it come to […]

Fujitsu Recognises the Importance of Generation Y

Generation Y – A Strong Catalyst for Change Fujitsu is echoing the changes we highlighted that Generation Y will bring to the workplace. It is good to see that recognition of a dynamic and new culture within the business environment can be managed and beneficial to future success. These considerations are now embedded in our […]

All Well and Good We Think – or is there an Elephant in the Room!

Fantastic news, or is it? “The number of people out of work in the UK fell by 58,000 to 1.91 million, its lowest level for more than six years, in the three months to November, official figures indicate.” so say the BBC (link below). If these jobs are purely at the lower end of the […]

Avoiding Ostrich Syndrome Part Five – Avoid Employing People, it’s Easier

Avoid Employing People, it’s Easier Previously we looked at ditching the kitsch, now let’s look at what else we can possibly change to make our businesses more effective. Stop Messing about With Recruiting Assessment centres, pseudo psychometrics and any other nonsense we businesses use need to go. The efficacy of these outdated modes of dealing […]

Avoiding Ostrich Syndrome Part Four – Ditch the Kitsch

Ditch the Kitsch kitsch is pleasingly distasteful. It’s melodramatic, overdone, gaudy and tacky or sentimental and folksy. It’s so bad that it’s cool. Business is riddled with Kitsch, sentimental, bad taste and inauthentic things that are of little and no value. We have to ditch the kitsch and that is so difficult, because we love […]

Avoiding Ostrich Syndrome Part Three – Time to Take Offense at the Offended

The Emotionalisation of the Workplace The definitions of harassment, abuse and bullying are now so wide as to be almost meaningless. This is dangerous for business on a variety of levels. Generation Y, emotional to the core, coupled with our acceptance that someone else’s sense of offence has huge validity, is a toxic combination of […]

Avoiding Ostrich Syndrome Part Two – Dumber and Dumberer

The Reductionist Culture, Victimhood and the Death of knowledge You do not have to look far to see reductionism in action, you often hear the term “dumbed down”, that’s the word reductionism being “dumbed down” just so you are sure. What it actually amounts to in most cases is sheer laziness. A belief that the […]