Shame for Primark – Is It Time For Some Organisations Wake Up?

This is astonishing news from a major retailer in 2018, and a sign of how inadequacy in the area of equality and diversity is still prevalent and can be a very expensive mistake. In our work with organisations like the University of Manchester, who genuinely care about employee wellbeing we can see that they are […]

Fantastic News – Transfer – A Journey and Stonewall

We are pleased to announce that our seminar Transfer – A Journey has been recognised as a factor in the fantastic jump the University of Manchester has taken in the Stonewall Top 100 Employers 2018. We are proud and pleased to be a part of the outstanding work they are carryiong out in this area […]

Transfer – A Journey – New Seminar Dates Available

The new dates for the Transfer Seminar in Manchester are now available. GM Members can get this at a reduced price. See here for details. For more information please visit pur podcast. Transfer – A Journey: An Introductory Podcast

Read it and Weep!

Carl Sagan was an utter genius. Look no further than the below. This is as true of learning in business as it has ever been. Don’t fall for snake oil nonsense, contact us instead.  

Terrifying But Vital – From the BBC

I find it hard to explain the harrowing effect this documentary had on me last night. I was reduced to tears by the power of the individual testimonials and shaking with rage at the callous disregard for fellow human beings the perpetrators displayed through the vile actions they took. I had just spent a wonderful […]

Another Myth Exposed

Elizabeth Walters over at TED talks exposes another myth. This pervasive bit of nonsense is yet another example of how these mind worms can infect individual thinking and cause problems in the workplace. ” I am more left-sided than right, so am not good at this…” This, along with other nonsense such as the change […]

Apprenticeship Providers – Why Throw Money Away Like That

Want To Improve Your Profits – Read On Yes, would seem to be the answer, with an average retention rate of just 64.5% that’s one whack of money you are all losing as a result. (Source). At an average income of £6000 per apprentice, that’s a whopping £2,130 per apprentice that is being wasted, per […]

£45,000 You as a Provider are Losing on 10 Apprentices

The Disgraceful State of Completion Rates There is a Shark in our midst, and not just the disgraceful state of completion rates, but the apparent failure to tackle a subject we all moan about constantly. "What are we gonna do with the millennial generation?" This is felt most acutely by Apprentice Providers and Levy Organisations [...]

Resilience for Apprentices – Workshop Launch

Guest Blogger today is Barry Wall the course leader, and our MD! As course leader for the north, alongside Julie Price our southern leader, I am delighted to announce that our new workshop, specifically designed with apprentice providers in mind is now available. Resilience for Apprentices: A 3.5 hour workshop of challenging and thoughtful learning […]