Phd in the Peaks – It Starts

Undeniably proud here at Polkadot Consultants Ltd in collaborating with the University of Sheffield and the University of Manchester by providing an annex to the PHD Professional Development Diploma on the subject of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

The annex runs along side the main PDD across the curriculum and marks a new adventure for us all that embeds EDI as unshakably at the centre of good leadership practice.

Cannot thank Professor Brad Wynne and the team enough for this wonderful and exciting opportunity.

It was a fantastic 2 days at the induction, where the coming years of work are laid out for the 22 students of the 10th cohort.


The folk at Cressbrook Hall were fantastic, with great food and fabulous accomodation in the beautiful and idylic setting of the High Peaks.

With the help of John Wilkinson over at British Steel in Scunthorpe and the fantastic folk at TEAL who provided the brilliant team building events you can see in the video.

EDI matters to us, and if it matters to you please contact us.




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