The Mind Your Mind Project

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The Mind your Mind Project likes to focus on the importance of your well-being (The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy) and we think that comes from four distinct areas, all of which added together make for success on a social, business and personal level.

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Each of these areas are personal to you, the individual, whatever your life circumstances.

These areas may need constant work, they are often not easy to manage, for some it is an ongoing battle.

Emotionally, you may be at your best when you are connected to others, comfortable, liked, loved and respected.

Mentally you may feel at your best when stress is low, you have a sense of control over your own life and you are able to share the trials and tribulations you face with others.

In maintaining your physical health you probably ensure you eat well, exercise, maintain physical standards of dress or appearance, to whatever level you are comfortable.

Whatever your goals personally or in business you will learn something at our event that will help you be more successful and confident.

Intellectually you may well be studying formally, or perhaps have an interest that stimulates your mind and encourages new thinking and change in your beliefs and ideas. Sharing these ideas with others is a sign of intellectual well-being.

We believe that the right balance of these four areas makes up Social You. Fogv Social You

Social you is part of a community, part of a workforce, a volunteer perhaps, or even someone who runs a community enterprise, heads up a family or friendship group.

You may look at some people and think “why are they more confident, more sociable, physically fitter?” we know we do!

You may have heard someone remark of a mutual friend that they are “well-rounded”.

The dictionary defines this as:

“Comprehensively developed and well-balanced in a range or variety of aspects”

The Minding Your Mind Project is about exactly that.

We will run events and seminars that can help to stimulate our all important intellect, and this can be a powerful driver for you to achieve what you want in life. We will be encouraging people to get more involved in the community as well, perhaps as volunteers, setting up a group or running an activity. Contact us to find out more.

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