Learning and Development

Possibly, you are feeling dizzy, many people we talk to are, the pace of technological and cultural change has altered the business world in ways we would have thought impossible a few years back. So whatever your training need, from health and safety to leadership contact us now.

If you and your organisation are to meet the wealth generation goals you have set then the need to nurture a learning organisation has never been more important.

The fast pace and changing culture have given way to a multi-faceted world, especially when you consider the generational differences and the move towards home working, hot-desking and the lack of employee loyalty that characterised  the last century.

Our work in regards Generation Y has highlighted that how we do what we do is being changed forever. The intergenerational gap shall eventual force our hand, and as business educators, we are well aware of the need to work smarter and not necessarily harder.

Despite the advent of technology Polkadot Consultants recognises first that the only constant is human nature, that was true when Socrates taught Plato 3000 years ago and it is still true today, so our L & D aims for rigorous cognitive engagement and high expectations of learners

The learning must lead to wealth generation for you, increases in productivity from your employees and to integrate any other aims that you set out to meet within the learning. We like to make sure that all learning we design and deliver for you lead to an increase in engagement levels for all attendees, and as such, we do not run motivational sessions, all our learning has motivation built-in.

Whatever your learning need, if you don’t want the normal tried and tested approach, contact us.

Example Courses

 Example Seminars

We hold regular seminars around various topics that are primers for understanding certain aspects of business activity.

If you would like a bespoke seminar for your teams then please get in touch.

Objection Handling for Sales People Overview
Primer for Business Sales for the Smaller Supplier Overview
Primer for Reducing Turnover and Increasing Sales in a Call Centre Environment Overview
Primer for Telephony Techniques Overview

Specialist Areas

Our L & D specialists can deliver existing course materials or design bespoke courses in the following areas.

  • H & S
  • Manual Handling
  • Child Protection
  • Safeguarding
  • First Aid
  • Equaity and Diversity
  • Disability Training
  • Security Standards and Qualifications