Eradicate interruptions from your work life

Eradicate interruptions in your work life forever!

So, you’ve read our cheat sheet – Mindfulness on Steroids, how to cope with the daily stress of running a small business. Learn lots? Have you started using any of the tips, which have you found most useful?

We thought we’d look at a couple of the tips in a bit more detail, and if you read to the end, there’s even another free bonus tip for you that really will help you get stuff done!

For now, let’s focus on interruptions. Whether it’s interrupted sleep at night or being interrupted while you’re working during the day, you’ll never be effective if you can’t put a stop to them!

What interruptions cause stress?

In the tips we mentioned the 2016 UK Sleep Survey (stay awake at the back!). According to the survey, just getting into bed isn’t good enough as there are loads of distracting activities the nation does in bed. In fact the top five are watching tv, reading a book, browsing the web, doing social media stuff and talking to your partner. No, my number one guess didn’t make the top five either, now behave! 😇

So, if you want to be one of the 8% that said they always get good sleep and wake refreshed then step away from your phone, turn off the TV, put down your partner (not literally, we assume they’re not a seriously ill pet in need of relief), empty your mind and get to sleep!

What about those daytime interruptions? The ping of a social media alert, the new email notifications filling up your laptop screen, the colleague telling you about their oh so interesting weekend exploits, the list is endless. Turning notifications off on your phone and computer when you’re working solves some of that quickly and easily. However, we mention in our 5 tips open plan offices have made it harder to avoid the human interactions that are even more distracting. So how do you avoid those?

If you can, set specific times when you are approachable and make sure everyone knows when these are – after 3pm each day perhaps. You could even put a little sign, post-it note or engraved plaque (if you’re suitably important) that clearly states you’re busy working and shouldn’t be approached, unless maybe there’s cake, all workplaces stop for cake don’t they? 🎂

So, you’ve eradicated interruptions at night and during the day, feeling more effective already aren’t you? Yes, but what about this bonus tip, I hear you ask? Ok here it is….

BONUS TIP: Eat that Frog

Yes, that’s it, eat that frog every morning and you’ll get much more done. You’re welcome! What Frog? What are you talking about? What the actual Frog? OK, so maybe it needs explaining. Every day you have tasks that you have to do but really don’t want to, the ones that you’re always putting off. These are the frogs, make them the first thing you do each morning. You’ll be surprised how much less stress you will feel and how much easier it is to complete your other tasks.

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