Mindfulness On Steroids: Learn How To Cope With The Daily Stress Of Running A Small Business

Running a business is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll show you how you can remove stress from your working day.

Steal these 5 tips from highly effective business leaders for a stress free working day

Looking to remove stress from your day? Our free and easy to implement 5 tips will make you a highly effective business owner or manager.

As a small business owner do you:

  • have difficulty sleeping?

  • feel like you’re working a lot but getting little done?

  • spend your days fire-fighting and not moving forward or growing your businesss?

  • hate delegating tasks to others, even if it does free up your time?

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How will this help me?

“The seminar gave me perspectives I hadn’t considered before as an MD and I found the topics discussed useful in not just how I grow my business in the age of digital but also in how I deal with my employees and clients. It is challenging, and realistic, has little time for the usual nonsense I encounter on a day to day basis.”

Will, MD of Selection Recruitment in Manchester

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