Coaching Services

Coaching and Mentoring Services

We offer coaching and mentoring services at all levels of business. Below we explain some of the areas where we can help. From Guru through to sounding board our coaches are adept at bringing the best out in other people and helping you meet those important business goals. We work through "Positive Disagreement" which ensures that we will challenge your organisation before implementation of new ideas. The last thing you need beside you is "yes" men, and if applied, this rigorous attitude can avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary change.

Small Business Coaching and Advise

You may have just started in business or been at it for years, either way our bespoke packages of coaching and mentoring can help you increase the wealth the business generates and aid you in growth or strategic planning. Our small business service provides regular help at a budget you can afford.

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Bespoke Packages for Supervisors to Senior Managers

Learning in a classroom is one thing, implementing that learning is quite another. If you are an/or employ supervisors, team leaders and managers you will likely already be aware that when it comes to higher level learning the need for coaching and mentoring increase. Pur bespoke packages will help embed vital skills that will mean they get the best out of their teams so the business wealth increases for you.

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Senior Leaders and Directors

Whether a one man band or the head of a large organisation we offer a collaborative service that works on the principle of "Divergent Thinking" that dovetails with a hands on approach which offers positive disagreement. This is a powerful methodology that is orginally a science discipline which provides food for thought and a focus on what is thought, known or proven when it come to strategic planning and tactical implementation and senior levels.

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