Help Needed From You and the Hive Mind

Hi all, We need the Hive Mind of T’interweb to help us. At the request of a couple of fellow trainers on a government project we are working on we have constructed a course on getting the best from your laptop and Word. The course looks at mastering your laptop in terms of maintenance, best […]

Common Purpose – Hitting the Nail on the Head

An interesting and spot on blog about leadership has been published by Julia Middleton, founder of the not for profit charitable trust Common Purpose, that specialises in honing leaders for the future. Julia discusses the importance of 7 key questions that are key for any leader working today. Number 6 is particularly striking, but it […]

What You Looking At?

This article provides an interesting albeit brief insight into the science of semiotics and the art of photography as a psychological marketing tool. It got us wondering about “image fatigue”, and how we filter what we see on a daily basis. More than ever before we are bombarded by imagery and we would argue that […]

Are You Paying Through The Nose For Your Data – Down Right Horrifying!

Organisations are now utterly reliant on the internet for survival, the relationship is fixed. The interesting article below makes for grim reading for any organisation or for that matter, person, who does not have a contract that provides 100% free access. Most will, but for the smaller organisation or freelancer it is possible that you […]

A Night Out with Generation Y

Our guest blogger today is Barry Wall. I had a night out with Generation Y last night and then this morning Paul Mason provided a tasty morsel of polemic in the Guardian, one that feeds in to a small but growing number of ways of thinking about and carrying out the business of business; and […]

Can You Increase Business Success for Nothing? – Part One

To be succesful in an ever-changing business world we need to constantly verify that what we do is economically viable, but what can trip us up and how can we use free methods to do it using simple changes that make big differences? This is the first of a series of articles in which we […]

Hunted in a Nice Way

Always a nice thing when an attendee on one of our courses hunts down the trainer on facebook to say thanks. Contact us if you want to improve your bottom line through learning.