Recruitment by Algorithm – Sceptical?

The BBC provide an interesting article that provoke many questions about organisational development, what are your thoughts?  

This Dying Breed – Beware Dinosaurs

The Guardian is reporting on the slump in high street activity…… “I think this reflects the financial pressures on consumers,” says Samuel Tombs of consultancy Pantheon Macroeconomics. “Inflation is picking up, the labour market is not looking quite as healthy. Jobs growth clearly has slowed … and the fiscal squeeze is starting to be felt, […]

Stress Free Revalidation Events – Your Pin, Your Responsibility

Ahead of the CPD events that are taking place in Manchester during March to support you in your NMC revalidation , two of our  experts in the field, Bethann Siviter RN and Barry Wall PGCE discuss the nature of revalidation and how we may need to look with better eyes. Read on and consider what […]

Why Organisations Occasionally Need A Court Jester

It is unlikely that many folk will have heard of Will Sommers, or the important role that he played in the court of Henry the Eighth, but we can learn from that relationship when it comes to organisations in modern Britain. We don’t need to tell you that change is common companion in the workplace […]

Wealth in Business That Just Cannot Be Bought

Sociology Live provide us with food for thought in a short but informative introduction to the concept of Social Capital. This theory opens up lots of avenues for discussion about wealth generation within organisations and can help focus thinking on economics as well as finance, interaction as well as production and how doing things that […]

The Tortoise and the Hare – Aesop Was a Cunning Old Devil

Same Tale – Different Interpretation Excerpted with thanks to Barry Wall from the upcoming book “I’m a Trainer, Get Me Out of Here” Aesop was a smart old bird, that is why we still use his fables as learning tools more than 2500 years after they were written. Like everything they are open to interpretation, […]

OECD Report Shows Business the Profit it is Losing

Not Training in Soft Skill Costs Business The OECD report, commissioned by Mcdonalds highlights the cost in production of the soft skills gap that could be affecting your business. Contact us today to find out how you can improve soft skills and increase profit whilst doing it. Download the full report.  

Have You as an Employer Fallen off a Cliff?

Training by employers has gone off a cliff, so reports the September issue of Civil Service Quarterly. The drop is almost 90%. Bearing in mind that the public sector makes up over 20% of the workforce, with an obligation to supply training that is written in stone, this paints an awful picture for the private […]

Savaging Sacred Cows – Moooving Stuff

Incredibly interesting read over at Linked-in that could make a difference to how many of us do business. Liz Ryan provides an insightful and thoughtful piece to chew over for all organisational developers.  

Office 2016 – A Definite Step Up

After a month filled with sales and leadership L & D activities we have today upgraded to Office 2016, and collaborative activities are at the heart of this version. The changes are not major to learn, unless upgrading from pre 2013 in which case training will be required. Microsoft have made amazing headway over the […]