Reflections on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

“EDI Lead it and Live it” is an ongoing project that launches in September. It is a collaboration between the University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield CDT Metallurgy. Polkadot Consultants Ltd is proud to be the partner organisation in this endeavour. Our MD Barry Wall muses on EDI as the STEM project reaches […]

Reflecting on Transfer – A Journey

Some personal reflection from our MD Barry Wall. Sometimes it is just a nice exercise, to learn from  and recognise how far you have come on a particular project To just look back. I recommend it highly, you have a go! I was asked to do this historical summation for a prospective VOP (Vanguard Organisation […]

Phd in the Peaks – It Starts

Undeniably proud here at Polkadot Consultants Ltd in collaborating with the University of Sheffield and the University of Manchester by providing an annex to the PHD Professional Development Diploma on the subject of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. The annex runs along side the main PDD across the curriculum and marks a new adventure for us […]

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing with the Bee folk and Trans*fer a Journey

Have a gander at me, on the televisuals, with the utterly marvelous Belinda Scandal  and the ever effervescent Michelle Eagle of YourMcr, as we discuss Trans*fer – A Journey at the launch of the fantastic Bee project in Central Manchester. I’m on 1 minute in! The hundreds of sculptures are absolutely stunning, such amazing work […]

Diversity & Inclusion – Read it and Weep – Part Two

For part one of this blog please go here. The unconscious (or conscious, God forbid) exclusion of women from the FTSE top companies and the ongoing fiasco at Starbucks in the US should cause us to ask some serious questions about how we are approaching Diversity & Inclusion and learning in our organisations. Time Magazine […]

Diversity & Inclusion – Read it and Weep – Part One

With the shocking news today from the Hampton-Alexander Review on FTSE Women Leaders ; we could be forgiven for thinking that we are living in 1918 and not 2018. The full report for 2018 is not due until the end of June but this foreshadows something ugly. Diversity and Inclusion are vital parts of being […]

Exciting News on The Transfer – A Journey Front

Press Release/Media Statement We are delighted to announce that Escalla, one of the premium providers of learning and technology services across the globe; is partnering with us here at Polkadot Consultants Ltd in offering our seminar, Transfer – A Journey. Escalla joins the likes of the University of Manchester and Selection Recruitment Ltd in becoming […]

Debunking Can Be Fun – Pseudoscience Ahoy?

A fascinating article from Frontiers on the psychology of learning gives a good drubbing to some of the nonsense pseudoscience that are still doing the rounds. It also has a handy guide on how to spot these and other nonsense. Learning Styles anyone? VAK? You know who you are. Serious about learning in the workplace? […]

Porn Again – How Censorship is a Threat to Business

The proposed age verification system for pornography has nothing to do with business right? We don’t think so, but how about you? The video below from the Parliamentary Communication committee discusses this thorny issue which has huge implications for security. Security of the Individual, the Internet, businesses on it and those of us who use […]

Apprentices and NEETS – No Jewel in any Crown

This is the single most rewarding aspect of what we do and we hope our new seminar “Staying the Course – (motivating NEETS and Apprentices to gain completion) will allow us to do more of this. 794,000 people aged 16-24 were Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) in the final quarter of 2017, 11.2% […]