Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing with the Bee folk and Trans*fer a Journey

Have a gander at me, on the televisuals, with the utterly marvelous Belinda Scandal and the ever effervescent Michelle Eagle of YourMcr, as we discuss Trans*fer – A Journey at the launch of the fantastic Bee project in Central Manchester. I’m on 1 minute in!

The hundreds of sculptures are absolutely stunning, such amazing work by so many artists and such fantastic sponsors!

We are so proud today that Polkadot Consultants Ltd is a sponsor of the LGBTQI+ Bee along with other members of the community.

Our particular Bee came to bee (sic) with the help of Christian of CJTaylored Art and Ben of Ben Sedman Photography, Claire of Taylor Made with Love and Anth of AT Design.

One of these glorious sculptures, our LGBTQI+ Bee, now resides in Sackville Park at the heart of our community.

Here you can see that the eye of the bee is a picture of one of my heroes Alan Turin and that is a sculpture of Alan sat in the background.  Click for a better view.

And here I am (on the left) with a number of good folk, not least the Mayor; the wonderful and resourceful June Hitchen (third from right), Councillor Carmine Grimshaw (second from left) and ex-mayor Carl Austin Behan (third from left) who was personally central to the entire Manchester Bee Project.

Polkadot Consultants Ltd and I are proud of sponsoring this admirable project along with many others including Serviam Planning, represented here by MD Alexis Anderson Jones and the ever wonderful Tony Cooper of Onbar fame who has been such a tower of strength and guidance in our Trans*fer – A Journey project, now in its second year.

You can see more pictures below and you can take the Bee Trail Challenge, they even have an app!

Our thanks to everyone involved.

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