Welcome to Polkadot Consultants – Learning, Consultancy and Organisational Development

Learning Should Increase Wealth

Are you getting the most out of your employees when it comes to generating wealth in your business? We can help you maximise your learning and development; meaning more on the bottom line and a workforce with enhanced skills. Aiming for a skilled workforce is a major goal of our learning activities which helps you gain, retain and maintain the life blood of your business, customers and clients.

From H & S to Leadership our learning and development goes beyond the traditional "death by PowerPoint" and challenges learners to consider the impact of their skills on everyday work activities.

Recruitment with a Twist

Recruitment can be a costly for you and your organisation. Talk to us, or our recruitment partners at Selection Recruitment Ltd, and see how you can reduce your recruitment costs and save money. We can link your recruitment needs to a bespoke learning package, ensuring new employees enthusiastically embrace your culture and desired outcomes.

Recruiting for you we aim for a smooth and no fuss process that relies on human interaction and common sense methods to find the commited people for you.

Develop Your Organisation

Building a robust framework that supports and enhances your activities is vital for growth and maximixing every opportunity that arises. With help from our organisational development team you can enhance and grow your business to ensure a lean and savvy approach that will bring success to your endeavours.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help in increasing profit through Organisational Development, the foundation of learning for your business that prepares it for growth and enhanced success in the Future

Whatever Your Requirement We Won't Forget the Fun

Despite what you hear about people hating change, it can be fun! Learning automatically generates change in your business, otherwise what is the point? Polkadot Consultants believe the best way to learn is through laughter. Our team of L & D specialists are not only great teachers but also experienced raconteurs with more than a few stories and anecdotes up their sleeves. This allows them the ability to engage when teaching even the driest of subjects ( H & S perhaps?). Enjoyment of learning enhances your organisations learners ability to recall and act upon the new skills and thinking that have been transfered. We believe this is the key to encouraging people to aim for improvements in their work activities. Contact us today to find out how we can help you be more succesful.